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The Synthesized Sounds of South Asia: DISCO DISCO (Playlist)

"DISCO DISCO" is an exciting new dance night curated by DJs XAYN and Sanjay Nara. Our mission is to bring together the vibrant sounds of Southwest Asian and North African music, a fusion that holds deep personal significance for us.

Growing up around it, I wanted to rebel and listen to everything but old Bollywood songs my dad would play and later try to escape the newer, poppy-EDM-like tracks I'm still not the biggest fan of.

What drew me back in, particularly to Bollywood soundtracks, was the prevalence of synthesizers during the 80s and 90s. It was an era where musicians like the incredible Bappi Lahiri (RIP) seamlessly incorporated synthesizers into their compositions.

Lahiri, often referred to as the "King of Bollywood Disco," utilized the accessible TB-303 to create groundbreaking tracks, including one of the first "Acid" tracks, which you can find in our playlist.

However, Lahiri's impact extends far beyond the boundaries of Bollywood and Disco. His musical genius transcends genres and his influence reverberates in various musical landscapes.

Beyond Lahiri and the Bollywood scene, the Southwest Asian and North African music culture is a treasure trove of incredible and vibrant sounds. The distinct scales, unique instrumentation, and the fusion of Western influences create a musical tapestry that is truly its own.

It's a world where traditional melodies intertwine with modern beats, creating a captivating and unforgettable experience.

Check out our playlist for a little taste of what we've got to offer at DISCO DISCO!

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